A state of extreme confusion and disorder

The formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos

The politicians would always have you believe, that without them, their policies, and their laws; that the world would become chaotic. They would have you believe that good order is the only thing that stop us from behaving like wild animals. But if you haven’t been asleep for the last thousand years you may have noticed that, actually, the world is in chaos; thanks to the very people who tell you you can’t do without them.

Oh, I forgot, you have been asleep; for most of your life anyway. So, wake up!

“I promise to lead you out of confusion, into more confusion!”

“Hooray!” Cry the people.

For as long as there have been rulers, they have believed, somewhat egotistically, that the people need them. What they seem to be forgetting is that they need the people! Well, they need their money, and their loyalty, and support, any time they fancy having a war with some other ruler. And that’s just for starters.

The problem is, that through lack of awareness and insight, the people have believed them when they say they know what is best, and will pretty much go along with any reasonable statement issued by the ruler of the day. But what happens when people attempt to overthrow the ruler? Of course, as predicted, utter chaos!

The people burn down buildings, steal whatever they can get their hands on, rape any women they see, and fire their weapons into the air and into each other.

But what happens to the natural world during this chaos? Pretty much nothing (unless they decide to detonate an atomic bomb). The sun still rises, the sun still sets, the birds still sing, and the animals still go about their business. The earth still moves around the sun, and all is perfect.

And back in the human world… People running through the streets, stabbing, slashing at people, breaking windows, burning cars, chanting “Death to all who support the leader!”

And back in the natural world… The sun is going down over the horizon, the birds are beginning to nest in the trees; there is a cool breeze in the air, and some of the trees start swaying gently.

And back in the human world… “Get him,” they cry, as a group of armed men chase some poor unfortunate as he stumbles in the road. They slash and beat him, his face covered in blood, until someone produces a weapon and shoots him in the head.

They jump up and down for joy waving their weapons in the air and move out to find their next victim.

And back in the natural world, a bird flies silently overhead.

We are in chaos!

That is to say, the human world is in chaos. The natural world of which we so desperately wish to disassociate ourselves from continues in perfect order.

Everywhere we turn, man has got himself into chaos. He cannot see a way out of it, except for believing in a god who will make it all right in the next life! Surely that cannot be right. If nature is so perfect and we are part of nature, what’s the problem?

Out of chaos came everything, it is said, except chaos happened several billion years ago. The chaos we are creating for ourselves has taken no more than a few thousand years. So maybe it will take us another billion or so years to reverse the process we have started. But I predict that it will be too late.

During the last century there were two world wars; and during the second one, two atomic bombs were dropped (which had to be dropped you understand, to avoid the chaos of more war).

There have been countless wars in africa, south america, europe, and asia. Tens of millions have been murdered, all in the name of restoring order. But we have all been lied to, again and again, by those who seek to divide us and rule over us. They have told us that so and so is our enemy and we should fight him. But the idea of an enemy is purely man-made; devised by those who wish to expand their empires and acquire more land and riches. How long will it be before the war to end all wars is started? How long before powerful men and their desires are the undoing of all of us? It is time we woke up to the chaos that has been created. It is time we restored order – without those in power.

So how do we do it?

Let us go into this carefully.

I see that man is in chaos. I see that nature is order, and I say that I want to be in order too. As someone is in power helping direct all the chaos, I see that the only way to restore order is to remove him. If I revolt violently there will much bloodshed on both sides with no guarantee we will be successful; and surely, if we fight chaos with violence then all we still have is chaos.

Do you understand?

On the other hand, we could use civil disobedience (used to remove the british from power in india), whereby we do nothing the one in power wants us to do. He may eventually give up, and say “Ok, you win,” and step down, but who is to replace him? You?

So you try to create a new society not based on the old order, but it is still based on man’s definition of order, not natural order; so eventually (or sooner) chaos starts to creep in again. “Why is the world still in chaos?” you cry, “I have done everything to restore the natural order, but nothing is working.”

The reason it is not working, is because we haven’t got a clue! Although we like to think we do.

It is the same every time man tries to interfere with a natural process. We want to help, but as we do not see the whole, we end up making it worse. This happens because we ourselves are fragmented.

In india they used passive resistance to great effect, until it came time to sort out how the country was going to be run. The muslims didn’t want to be part of the hindu government, so they split the country in two, forming pakistan in the process, uprooting countless families, and dividing a nation! They still fight over a disputed territory, called kashmir, right now. So in trying to remove the powerful british from their country they ended up as adversaries and replaced one ruler with two! Pure chaos! Any other bright ideas?

As you will see later, there is no way we can think our way out of a chaotic society, as it was thought that made it chaotic in the first place. So for now, we need to go back to the universe and ask its help to stop thinking! I decided to do us all a favour and picked up the phone.

Me: Hi, is that the universe?

Universe: Speaking.

Me: Oh, hi there. You don’t know me; I’m a human from the planet earth.

Universe: Oh yes. What can I do for you?

Me: You don’t seem very pleased to hear from me?

Universe: Can you blame me? After all you’ve done?

Me: Sorry about that, it’s not my fault, it’s everyone else.

Universe: Are you people trying to make my life difficult?

Me: No. In fact that’s why I’m calling. I want to help you. I want to restore order to the world and remove chaos. I hear you’re the man for the job.

Universe: When I left it, there was no chaos.

Me: Well, there is now unfortunately, and everyone’s blaming everyone else. The Muslims say it was the christians; the arabs say it was the americans; and the americans blame everyone who isn’t american.

Universe: I see… So what can I do to help?

Me: You can fix it… (hears laughter) What’s so funny?

Universe: You humans, you think you can just call someone up and they’ll make it all right.

Me: But you’re our last hope to remove the chaos we have created and make us whole again.

Universe: And what do you think will happen if I removed chaos and restored order? After all, the humans would still be there, and they would start creating chaos again.

Me: So there is no answer? You can’t help us?

Universe: You are beyond help; you are on your own. Perhaps it would be better if the human race had never been created at all.

Me: Now hang on! Universe: Sorry, just joking. I can offer you one last thought before I go and have my dinner. If you are indivisible, if you are whole; then where is the chaos?

Me: I don’t follow.

Universe: You have been created as part of me. You contain my molecules. You are indivisible from me. You have no mind which is not my mind. I am not in chaos. Therefore you are not in chaos. You are whole.

Me: But what about the fighting, the power, the bloodshed?

Universe: Sorry, got to go, my dinner’s getting cold.

And then I got it, just after I put the phone down. Everything is in perfect order. The rulers are in perfect order. The fighters are in perfect order. The greedy man is in perfect order. There is no separation. The only thing that is not in order is thought, which is man-made. All the players are whole. When you remove the thinking the illusion drops, and we see there is no chaos.

Do you understand?

When I think, I am chaos. When I “just am,” I am order.

See it now.

When the greedy man who is whole sees he is greedy, and lets it float off into the universe, he is still whole, but now there is order in his life.

When the tyrant who is whole sees he is tyrannical, and lets it float off into the universe, he is still whole, but now there is order in his life. You do not need to force yourself to be anything other than you are, but you must accept it, and you must be aware of the movement of your mind.

When you lose that awareness; thought, which is “me,” “the individual,” creeps back in. And we all know what “me” can do! We cannot change everything in the world by force.

But if you are part of the world, which you are, then changing yourself affects everything else.

It seems too simple to be true, but don’t believe me.

Try it out for yourselves!


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