Ok, so it’s not a catchy title, but it encapsulates everything that I have been trying to achieve over the last 20 years.

I will have to come up with a better title, but for now I think it’s better that I explain what it’s all about…

If you haven’t read any of The Natural Mind – Waking Up topics you won’t be aware of my view that despite humnanity’s amazing technological advances, we still have not evolved past our violent, greedy, tendencies. We are obsessed with ourselves, our status, our nations, our religions, our jobs, our money, our possessions, our houses…

Thanks to modern advances in weaponry, we are able to be more violent than ever, and we use these weapons in the name of religion, racial hatred, power, jealousy, anger, control…

Whether it’s called terrorism, war,gang violence, domestic violence, it’s all still violence, and it seems to be getting worse.

You only have to read the news in whatever country you live and you can’t escape some kiling, or mass slaughter…

What a wonderful species we have become. Perhaps we have always been like this, but all it shows is that the good old homo sapiens, you and me, haven’t changed.

Sure we’ve got mobile phones, electricity, tv, cars,planes, advanced medicines, fancy clothes, heating, and cooling, plenty of food to go around, and we can even fly a rocket into space nd bring the people back safely..but we just can’t stop killing can we? We kill each other, we kill hundreds of billions of animals and sealife every year to satiate our desire for ‘meat’, and we destroy the planet at an unprecedented rate due to our needing ‘resources’ for the lovely eight billion people all desperate for their share of the good life.

Several years ago, I had a bit of an epiphany, when I realised that everything was wrong. Humanity had taken a wrong turn and was headed down a dark path of wanton destruction.

Unfortunately, most people don’t see it the way I do, and people in the ‘westernised’ countries are quite happy living in their ‘democracies’ happy that they don’t live in a dictatorship!

To be honest with you, I don’t believe it makes any difference. We have seen what happens when the ‘west’ tries to overthrow ‘dictatorships’. It normally results in death and destruction, and general chaos.

The western ideal of voting for your elected officials seems like a move forward, but if you read the newspaper every day, you will see that, whilst mostly unintentional, the poor old government haven’t got a clue how to run a country. I’m not blaming them, it’s incredibly difficult to run a company let alone try and please tens or hundreds of millions of people, keep them in jobs, organise helthcare for them, and make sure they have enough to satisfy their lives, lest they overthrow you!

So they please businessess, religious groups, environmental organisations, charities, NGO’s, pressure groups, the armed forces, promise new jobs, protect old jobs, keep the sick healthy, give money to the unemployed and disabled, and generally spend all the money theve appropriated via taxes pleasing everybody, and ultimately never moving us forward as a species.

Again, not their fault! And they only have about four years to deliver on all their promises, which even the best companies in the world would stuggle to deliver on.

The problem, as I see it, is there are too many people wanting too much., and the world is at breaking point because of it.

And despite everyone’s efforts to please everybody, it’s just not possible, no matter who is in government, dictator or democracy.

So what’s the solution, I hear you ask…

Let me explain. I have spent the last 20 years and thousands of hours analysing the human condition, working in different jobs, mixing with people from all over the world, listening to people’s stories, and to be honest, the story is all the same.

We need more money, we need a better life for our family, we need a state that follows our moral/religious principals, we need better education, we need better healthcare, we need, need,need..

And I can empathise with everyone in need…

It is not nice to need food, warm clothes, shelter, and at the same time avoid persecution, war, murder, rape, starvation, while at the same tme children in other parts of the coutry/world are wrapped up warm and safe, families are enjoying holidays, and going to theme parks, and their children are enjoying a balanced education, men are mowing their lawns, women are baking cookies, and everyone is generally being nice to one another…

But that’s not the world we live in folks is it?

Currently, there are many countries currently at war or have armed conflicts, there are millions of displaced people (over 108 million according to the UN) hundreds of thousands of people are dying by homicide,hunger, suicide…

People in western countries, eastern countries, third world (not a nice term) countries, and in fact every country in the world are facing huge debt crises, people are losing their homes, can’t afford to feed their families, or pay their bills…

Meanwhile, there are others who prey on the weak, the disabled, the young, the elderly, (whether criminals, or governments ), Their are also people who exploit others, cheat them, lie to them, deceive them, harrass them, threaten them, hurt them…

People are stealing, robbing, sexually abusing, coercing, fighting, drinking, drugging, competing, threatening, destroying, controlling, imprisoning, shooting, stabbing…

and yet people go to work every day …

They go to work for minimum wage, or maximum wage..

Some walk to work, others fly by private jet…

Some win, and most lose..

If you’re in a poweful position, surprise surprise, you win..and government ministers, company directors, landed gentry, royalty, et al, are in the winning group…

Chances are you’re not in any of those groups …

But this isn’t about you having what they have .. otherwise you become them. And you don’t want that, do you? Or do you?

You see, it’s good to be the king, the president, or the head of any powerful group, whether it be ‘legal’ or not… It’s all about the power, over others…

It’s good to have gold, money, mansions, cars etc… It puts you above everyone else, doesn’t it, and gives you security…because that’s what you want isn’t it?

You are now free to do what you want…

Whether your nation is communist, democratic, autocratic, dictatorial makes no difference, the plain simple fact remains that you are expected to contribute to it, and if you are rich you will find a way of avoiding tax while the rest of the people (you and me) will go to jail if we avoid paying…


Maybe it’s Adam and Eve’s Fault, maybe it’s the human brain’s fault, maybe it’s god’s fault, but whoever’s fault it is ..our ancestors would not be happy with the world we have created! After all, they’re the reason we are here! Without our ancestors’ resilience in the most dire of situations, we wouldn’t be here!

How they managed to survive without central heating/air conditioning, supermarkets, internet, social media, governments, police, cars, global distribution, beer and wine on tap, public transport, weapons manufacurers, water and electricity companies, fashion, democracy, manufacturing etc.. is beyond me !

How did they cope?

How did our ancestors who lived in caves and walked the world, cope?

Were they constantly complaining about how difficult their lives were? Were they asking for government support because theyve chosen to have ten children? Were they moaning about how high their electric bills were, or how they can’t pay their credit card bills?

Or how they they more resilient?

To be honest, resilience has nothing to do with how their lives were.

They had simple lives , connected to the natural world, entwined in a relationship, that they couldn’t escape..until…

part 2. Home and homelessness


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