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We all know that in times of war, and great natural ‘disasters’that people can come together, to be resilient, to dig deep and survive, and ultimately thrive, but as soon as it’s over people are quite happy to go back to routine lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that…but, and there is a but, once we are all happily housed, in work, with enough to eat, enough clothes to wear, and a little extra money for the ‘little pleasures’ in life, we become quietly complacent, and we fail to recognise the impermanence of our stable lives, as has been evident this year (2023), last year, the year before that, the decade before that, the century before that, the millenia before that life is inherently uncertain, no matter where you live in the world.

In no particular order, there have been..

mass shootings, attacks by extremists, invavisions by armies, pandemics, epidemics, murders, rapes, racial abuse, increased street violence, gang warfare, famine, crop failures, drug overdoses, stabbings, earthquakes, floods…and tat’s just in the last week!

It’s almost ‘biblical’!

In lots of parts of the world you have extremist ‘preppers’ preparing for the end of the world, included, one assumes your local friendly (or unfriendly) government, preparing their bunkers for the inevitable!

You could say that these people were the most resilient, stockpiling food, water, ammunition, all in a safe underground space, but that’s no way to live, is it? Always preparing for doom ‘just in case’ someone drops a nuclear bomb!

But at the Ariana Project we are not interested in doom and gloom, and the end of the world! We want to help people understand that the earth in which we inhabit is perfect, and it is us, the humans, who are out of balance, and only by understanding the way we think, and why we act the way we do, can we hope to create a more compassionate, reilient, evolved human species!

Sound like a tall order?

How can one man, me, do all this? How is it possible to even make a small difference?

Well, as you can see throughout history, one man (or woman) was instrumental in bringing a massive change to the world, whether through violence, invention, writing,, or creativity. It is possible.

Am I that man? Possibly, but more likely it’s you, through creating an awareness of self in action, being aware of the movement of your thoughts, understanding the consequences of your future actions, cultivating compassion, developing resilience, and helpung others… Sound like your up the job? Of course you are! You are one part of the most intelligent species on earth.

Whether you are currently a drug dealer, warlord, president, terrorist, religious extremist, industrialist, teacher, rabbi, antisocial teenager, harvard professor, merchant banker, career criminal, housewife, social media influencer, musician, barman, street sweeper, merchant seaman,farmer, weapons designer, factory worker, fisherman, student, armed forces personnel, pilot, murderer, activist, journalist, drunk, wife beater, sexual deviant, hobo, or vagrant…(the list is endless) YOU have the power in your incredible mind, to make a giant shift in your thinking towards a compassionate outlook that wants to work for the benefit of all, not the financial benefit!

Do I have a blueprint solution for eight billion people in the world_ In a word No. But you do. You who are reading this. You hold the solution in your mind, and itś not about ´fixing´the world, saving everyone, eradicating homelesness and poverty, stopping war, drugs and gang violence, but looking deeply at the way you think, and understanding why you think the way you do.

You see, understanding why you think the way you do, holds the key to awareness, insight, and change.

When I began my journey I set out to deconstruct every facet of my being, and rebuild myself from the ground up, into a compassionate, resilient human ready to work for the benefit of all beings and detailed in my book ‘The Natural Mind – Waking Up’ available to read and listen to here for free.

Was it easy? Is it easy. No, of course not. I am not some perfect human no, but there is no such thing as perfection, but there is an intention, an intention to understand myself and create a better me, in order that I can help you become a better you…and I will keep learning more about myself every day.

There are far too many flawed individuals in positions of power telling people how they should live, according to some man made law, moral or religious code, and doing the complete opposite themselves!

The Way Forward (as I see it)

I can only speak for myself when I say I see a way forward, and I am trying to live that life every day…but we are presented with a supersized problem when we try to apply this to the wider world. Namely, the family unit!

The idea of ‘family’ and ‘home’ is deeply ingrained in the human psyche through conditioning, that even if you thought that yes, this is a good idea, i will deconstruct myself, gain insight, develop compassion and work for the benefit of all, that if you have a family, and a home, the only thing you are going to be deconstructing is your family life!

This will inevitably cause chaos at home, and will end with the breaking apart of the family unit, and children living either without a home, or more likely, you, the person on your journey to enlightenment, leaving, and the children growing up as part of a single parent family, and no one wants that, do they? There’s enough broken homes around the world to go around isn’t there?

So what do you do? Well, you either do what I did, and pack a backpack of essentials, a tent and a sleeping bag and disappear, or more sensibly, you take small steps, breaking down yourself slowly.. The end result might be the same, but at least it’s a more gentle approach!


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