This morning, at 4.30am my Uber arrived to pick me up from my dad’s to take me to Luton airport – destination Lagos, Portugal, swapping my socks and sandals and hiking pack for the 06.40 Ryanair flight to Faro.

I have to go over to the Marina to sort out Ariana and ready her for an imminent sale. Itś sad to see her go, but needs must and all!

Iḿ sure there will be some people reading this saying, that it’ś outrageous that Ihave chosen to use the most environmentally unfriendly way for travel, and ordinarily I would agree with you!

But as I said, needs must, nd as the only reason I am selling Ariana is to raise cash to continue the ariana project, I figured, an uber plus a plane ride was worth it…

Do I feel ǵuilty? Not in the least! Guilt suggests that you have acted against your better judgement, where Iam quite content with my decision, and do not have to justify it to myself or you!

I actually love flying. I think it is a marvellous invention, which more often than not, gets you to a destination half way across the world, safely, and quickly, at a reasonable cost (in this case 14.99GBP for a 3 hour flight vs 48 hours on train and ferry and several hundred pounds!)

Although this time I was flying over the friendly EU skies, there have been many times where I have flown over countries at war, or there is civill unrest, and I feel a lot more secure at 36000 feet than I would walking, or even cycling through these countries!

excerpt from the topic ‘flying” from the natural mind – waking up

What passes underneath

In my travels across the globe by plane, I have often thought about the people below – who they are, what they do, what thoughts they have, and how happy, sad, or violent they are.

Thanks to the marvellous modern invention of satellite mapping, we can now switch to a channel on our personal entertainment console, and see a little icon of the plane superimposed on a map of countries you are passing over.

Whilst we are enjoying our lunch and watching yet another hollywood blockbuster, people below are fighting, killing, or raping each other.

They may be starving, scheming, desiring, or lying, but here in our plane six miles above the earth, we are above all human emotion and action, distanced from suffering. We may ourselves be suffering, but for now it is almost as if we are suspended in time, if only for a few hours. When we touch down, reality starts again, but whilst the engines drone on powering us towards our destination, we might as well just sit back and relax.

Alan macmillan orr


The more time I spend away from the human race in general ,the more uncomfortable I feel out amonst the populous of towns and cities.

If you hadn’t noticed, human beings are incredibly untrustworthy! Mainly because you can’t see what’s going on inside their minds, and hence have no idea if they mean to smile at you or run a sword through you!

All this human potential to become a highly evolved species, and a brain unparalleled in the know n universe for it’s cruelty, and ability to inflict suffering and violence upon everyone (and everything) it meets…

So, even as someone who eats a vegan diet, amd goes on long walks, using human power, or sail power as his motor, I have to say, that there is a time for discussing reducing carbon footprints, driving more electric vehicles, or switching to green energy.

This is not the time to be focussing on such things, this is a time to be focussing on ourselves and asking the question, why do I think the way I do? Why am I violent? Why do I acceot violence is necessary to achieve nationalistic goals, and transcend this violent way of thinking – perpetuated by the media, governments, or by your peers, leaders, gang members, etc…

If we don’t transcend violent thinking by understanding why the human mind is able to make such connections, enabling you to act on them, and causing consequences which are becoming increasingly disastrous for the whole world, then, I’m afraid, we need to consider giving up our self appointed title of “most intelligent species on the planet’and replace the word ‘most’ with ‘least’

I’ll leave it with you

Meanwhile, I’m off to catch a bus!

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