We all know that the human word is in a continual state of ‘crisis’and oall over the world there are people trying to find ‘solutions’ to difficult problems, sometimes succeeding and more often than not, not!

As humans, we always think that there is someone else who will find a solution to war, famine, poverty, climate change, etc.

What no one seems to realise is that it is the individual, the I’ who is reponsible for the problems and the solutions! The individual is the only person who can create these solutions! How? Simple, by thinking differently, by looking at situations from every angle, by developing empathy, and compassion, by making different choices, and never ever grouping together to solve problems!

As a thinker, who is looking at the whole, rather than individual countries or conflicts, and who understands that everything is connected, not divided, offering solutions to armed conflicts in the middle east, starvation in the central african republic, poverty in India, antisemitism in iran, police violence in the USA, racism in the UK, poverty in south sudan, war in Ukraine, religious extremism in Afghanistan, domestic violence in equatorial guinea, fresh water shortages in Eritrea, corruption in Somalia,drug production in mexico, etc … isn’t going to help!

There are literally millions of people working for governments, ngo’s and charities trying to help with all these ‘problems’, and although these people make occasional breakthroughs, it is never on a scale large enough to make a global difference.


As you know, I am no political analyst, nor do I have education in any of these fields. I do not work for a government agency, nor a charity; I am one, and stand alone, a lone voice in the wilderness!

The problems have existed since humans have declared themselves most intelligent species on the planet, and will continue in one form or another for eternity! Or until humans destroy themselves, the other species, or the planet we call home (in no specific order!)

So what’s the real problem?

In my view, individuals, programmed through national and cultural identity, imprinted by parents, peers, religions, media, governments, about rights and wrongs, morals , amd ethics are the problem!

That’s you and me by the way; Individuals, programmed to think like the group.

The human mind is so powerful , it has the ability convince everyone that they are right and everyone else is wrong, and depending on how you have been programmed will either accept it as truth or reject it and follow another idea,

Here be the problem

We (you and me) don’t think for ourselves as individuals, we are followers. Why? Because it is a lot easier following someone else than it is thinking for yourself!

We don’t know why we think the way we do, nor do we ever question why we think the way we do, and that causes the majority of global problems.

When I think as an individual, outside the group, I think differently, or at least have the opportunity to think differently.

Let me explain using current news items.

When I as an individual think that the Israel is wrong in oppressing me as a Palestinian, taking away my land, and occupying it, what do I do?

Do I join a group such as Hamas and violently make my point by murdering men, women and children?

Yes I am frustrated that my situation isn’t as I wanted it, but to what ends do I go to express my frustration?

On the other side, there are Israeli people who have decided that thanks to western powers they have finally been given a home, safe from oppression, violence and murder? How far would I go to protect that safe space?

I, as a palestinian decide I’ve had enough, join an armed group, and murder as many israeli’s as I can, and I as an israeli, am outraged by this violence, and murder as many palestinians as I can!

Good work! Not.

Both groups believe they are ‘right’ and reach out to other countries to ‘protect us’!

End result. Thousands of people murdered, and more chaos.

Sorry, maybe I am beig stupid, as I am not an academic, but what is the difference between an israeli, and a palestinian? Skin tone, body shape, religion? If there are any differences, they are so subtle as to be unnoticeable, until people align themselves with one group or another.

Indeed a palestinian may easily cross sides and decide that israel is right, join the armed forces and then kill palestinians he (or she ) once considered friends, neighbours, brothers or sisters!

Let’s get something straight. There is no such thing as an israeli or a palestinian!

They’re all just human!

Just as a russian, a ukrainian, a north korean, a south korean etc, are all just humans – individuals who happen to have been born or live in a certain latitude or longtitude.

I am not trying to excuse violence, whether on the offensive or defensive side, it’s still violence, and until individuals look beyond land as ‘theirs’, the violence will never end, in spite of military and diplomatic interventions!

I am an individual

I am now an individual living in israel or palestine. I have broken free of nationalism, politics, and violence. Who am I?

I am now a human, no more, no less.

By not identifying with a group I am free to engage compassionately with any other human, without feeling aggrieved that ‘my’ people have been oppressed. (even if they have).

I am a freedom fighter. Today I decide to engage with others peacefully.

I am a prime minister. Today I decided to enage with others peacefully and dismantle my armies.

I am a soldier, today I decide to not take up arms against my fellow human.

Let’s go deeper

I am corrupt, today I decide to no longer be corrupt.

I make weapons. Today I decide to no longer make weapons.

I manufacture drugs. Today I choose a different path.

I take drugs. Today I choose a different path.

I am a violent man. Today I renounce violence.

I am a powerful man. Today I decide to live a life without power.

I am hungry. Today I make a decision to change my life so I am not hungry any more.

I am poor. Today I make a decision to view rich or poor differently and lead a different life.

I am homeless. Today I decide to view homelessness as a state of mind and continue to enjoy my life.

You may not agree with one thing I have said here, but you need to understand that you are a powerful individual, not a citizen of a country, nor a member of a group. Those are all choices, no matter what anyone tells you.

You are one part of the most intelligent species on earth, capable of showing great compassion or violence

When you break free from nations, and idealogy, you begin to take charge of your own mind, and your own destiny!

Of course, there are many who do not want you stand as an individual, but alone you are born and alone you die, why not stand alone while you live!

You as an individual hold the solution to your own problems, and that of the wider human world, but one thing’s for sure, systems do not let individuals be individuals, and nor do groups.


endnote: this is the first time I have ever mentioned specific countries in my work as I believe that the human problem has no national boundaries, but it it seems like some people in power might quite like to start another world war, despute what they say to the contrary. That can’t be good for the evolution of the species can it?

All people in the world have a right to live in freedom from fear, from any groups, religious, military or political, and you can play your part by not joining any groups.

I am on the side of people who peacefully stand alone for the benefit of all others. That is all.

Chinese (Simplified)