caution this post contains text not to be read by the under 18’s

18. Such a magical number!

You´ve finally made it through childhood, and adolescence. You are now a fully fledged member of the adult population (according to laws created by governments).

Depending on where you live in the world, you may be now afforded certain freedoms and with those freedoms, responsibility!

I would like to use the UK as an example as it is the country I know best.

Yesterday the following activities would have been ‘illegal’ but today is your 18th birthday! Happy Birthday , lots of love, your government.

You can now waste every penny you have betting at casinos, on football matches, or on the horses, as Gambling is now legal!

You can watch people urinatinating on each other or engaging in threesomes, anal sex, blowjobs, bisexual lady boys, on pornhub, because guess what, watching pornography is now legal!

You can go to a bar and get as drunk as you can, until you pass out as buying alcohol is now legal!

You can get a credit card and rack up thousands of pounds of debt of someone else’s money, because you’re in luck, you can now get a credit card!

You can pierce your body as much as you want and have some ink a permanent tattoo so your friends think you’re cool, because today’s the day, getting piercings and tattoos is now legal!

You can now adopt a child, even though yesterday you were still classed as a child yourself, and I’m sure you’re ready for that, becuase now it’s all legal!

You can now buy fireworks and make a nuisance by firing them off at each other just for the fun of it, because today’s going off with a bang, it’s now legal!

You can tag your name, make a mess of public buildings, deface trains and buses, because today you can buy spray paint! It’s legal!

And here’s the one you’ve been waiting for – you can now vote! You who were a child yesterday, now get to decide who makes the laws and rules over us, despite yesterday not having the faintest idea about how a democracy works, or what a government does, or what the people you are now going to vote for have been doing with all the money, becuase put your mark here, it’s legal!

You can apply for a mortgage for a hoise to saddle yourself with a lifetime of debt, to create your own ‘home’, but make sure you keep paying the mortgage otherwise you’re out on your ear, homeless, but it’s all legal!

You can join all the other adults rushing into ‘marriage’ promising to love the other person till the day you die, only to find out there not the forever person you thought they were, becuase , ring the church bells, it’s wedding time! And it’s all legal!

You can apply to change your gender, not ask your parent’s permission about anything, be liable for council tax, sue somebody, buy smokes, and vapes to be cool, and addict yourself immediately, and you are now eligible to own a pet (you don’t need to worry if you can’t look after it, they don’t check if you’re a kind caring person, just being 18 is enough, it’s all legal!)

You can get shot for your country in some far away war that you don’t understand and you didn’t need to ask anyone’s permission! How marvellous!

stop spoiling our fun!

Sorry, maybe I’m a little cynical, because you see, I’m so much older than you! In fact if it’s your birthday today, I’m 36 years older than you, but we could get married becuase it’s legal now you’re 18!

ember when I was 18, I went out with my friends (me driving) and got really drunk and then drove home! Sure, drink driving was illegal, but no one questioned me at the bar if I was driving when they served me 10 pints of beer, because it was legal for me to buy beer!

I wasn’t a bad 18 year old, but I’d dropped out of school the year before and found pleasure in getting drunk, sleeping with as many women as I could, trying drugs, spending my parents hard earned cash, and stealing my mum’s cigarettes, and that was before the magical age! Thank goodness I never tried gambling!

You see, whilst something’s are legal at 16,18, or 21, something’s are illegal at any age, like stabbing your friend, killing your parents, raping women (and men), stealing, etc, the fact that there is a law against something doesn’t mean you won’t do it, and the under 18’s do it too.Humans never think about the consequences to their actions, no matter what age they are.

You are 18 today and you probably think you know everything. You’ve probably been fighting with your parents for the last few years telling them you hate them, and how you are able to look after yourself, and although that may be the case, the harsh reality is that you aren’t ready for the real world, despite having been sexually mature enough to have children (it’s quite easy, penis goes into vagina, you ejaculate, and if the time is right you create a wonderful little bundle of joy you can neglect or abuse, or even love).

The problem with the world you now inhabit is that you legally can look after yourself, and every parent or government agency can wash their hands of you and send you out into the world to fend for yourself, despite you being psychollogically and emotionally unprepepared for what awaits you. You may go on to university until you are 21, but that just delays the inevitable!

Little did you know that your whole life, all 6,574 days of it, has been leading up to this moment. The moment you are abandoned and left to fend for yourself.

Yesterday people were still happy looking after you, and protecting you from the nasty big bad world (if you were lucky) but now you’re on your own to make mistakes and then spend the rest of your life trying to correct them , but you’re an adult now so just get on with it!

18 year olds reading this may think I have nothing in common with them, as they are from a ‘different generation’ but people are the same, whatever age they are, humans have been conditioned to behave in certain ways for thousands of years, and although the programmer might change, the program they are loading into your three pound walnut is the same the world over.

Get a job. Earn money.

It’s a dog eat dog world!

It’s a funny expression as I have never seen a dog eat another dog! But once you’re out in the workforce, you’ll start to understand it!

Gone is the fun camaraderie (or not ) of school, where you are not exected to contribute to society by working and paying never ending taxes, where although you are being taught different subjects to give you a broad education, doing well at them is not a legal requirememnt, and you will still probably have a roof over your head, and someone else to pay the bills, and buy and cook the food, clean the house, etc (if you don’t time to disown your parents who were obviously the wrong parents!)

Up to the age of 18, life is complex, as you are physically, psychologically, sexually, and emotionally in development, and people don’t require anything from you, but even if you’re not ready, the age of 18 makes you ready!

I know I was very immature at 18 (and still am), and the idea that i could be responsible for anything was simply laughable! I still don’t think I’m ready to be a good parent, I don’t pay my bills on time, I can’t hold down a relationship, but at least at 54, no one asks for my ID when I want to buy alcohol, fireworks, or spray paint!

In fact no one really cares what happens to me, I’m an adult and am allowed to fail, make terrible mistakes, be financally unstable, run up debt, and as long as it’s legal, it doesn’t matter.

So in case you think you are joining a compassionate adult world, where people will empathise with your problems, employers will support you if you have mental issues, (like we all do), and banks will allow you to keep your home if you can’t pay the mortgage, the harsh reality is, they won’t.

I personally think it is awful that I to write this to you, I’d much prefer to be telling you what a wonderul world you have to enjoy now you are an adult, but i’m afraid it’s violent, ultra competitive, people will cheat you, and cheat on you, you will be sentenced to a lifetime of constantly trying to make ends meet, people will judge you harshly if you fail, if you don’t have a nice house, a nice car, don’t get married, don’t have children. If you do make it, people will be jealous of you, people will defraud you and steal from you, including your local friendly government who extorts a large amount of any money you make, until you die, and if you haven’t made provisions, will tax you even when you’re dead!

And god help you if like me you choose not to conform! You will be a social pariah!

But I urge you, new adults, not to waste your short life on this amazing planet, quietly spinning in space, on conforming to what learned adults have decided is how you should live your life. Find a higher purpose and break free.

How you choose to do that is up to you, but if you dedicate yourself to understanding yourself, and others, and work for the benefit of all, showing empathy and compassion rather than just getting a job and following the program, you have already made a difference towards a more evolved species.

I wish you well on your journey. I am with you every step of the way.

Chinese (Simplified)