Dear Prime Minister,

You don’t know me. My name is alan macmillan orr, and I am a citizen of the United Kingdom.

I recently became homeless and broke thanks to that great scheme known as brexit that you had a hand in …

As part of my work as a practical philosoper I owned a sailboat named Ariana, to teach people resilience, help overcome fears, understand resourcing, and energy management, understand global maritime supply chains, environmenal pollution, and offer solutions that they could use in their daily lives.

I never thought the UK would leave Europe, but it seemed that the leavers just pipped the remainers!

Whether it is a good idea or a bad idea didn’t mean that much to me until I discovered that you would require me to pay VAT again on my boat that already had VAT paid in europe, and due to me spending most of my time in the atlantic islands, discovered I could only spend 90 days in Europe out of every 180 days, making the running of the project untenable !

I don’t expect you have much sympathy for me, and I don’t require any! I’m just letting you know my situation.

I found that I would need to come back to the uk, but without my home, and no meaningful way to earn money quickly, as I was homeless, and also had a dog.

I have managed to apply for some of your universal credit, which is gratefully appreciated, and I will not complain that it is not enough to live on.

Instead of complaining I decided to use my resilience skills and took off to Scotland where wild camping is permitted, and I could live quite comfortably in a tent whilst embarking on some excellent long distance walks…

It was during these long walks that I came up with the idea of ‘The Great British Walkabout’ where I would walk the length of britain, and try and make a difference everywhere I went.

I know it’s not ‘gainful employment’ but I think I can offer a lot more than just my labour.

You have a major problem with homelessness in this country, (amonst other things) and I completely understand that it is very very difficult trying to run a country, and try to please everyone and balance the books, but that’s where I come in!

I am not aligned to any political organisation, nor do I want funds from the public purse, so that should please you…

My intention is to set out on foot, with a tent and my labrador Hari, from John O Groats and to walk to Lands End, Westminster, and back to John O Groats on the 13th December 2023 and walk for 5 months, but I don’t plan to do this to raise money for charity, I intend to gather up as many homeless people, people with social and mental problems, as well as the odd refugee and anyone else who is stuggling to cope with life in this country, and give them a higher purpose by walking the country, developing resilience, learning new skils, and being of benefit to all who need it.

The act of walking with purpose, as you may know focuses the mind and body, and helps people overcome difficulties through the extreme physical challenge that an 1800 mile walk presents.

In addition to helping people directly by empowering them, I also plan to help you with various other problems facing this country, as I know it is difficult trying to run everything from the office of No 10, and not being able to get out and directly talk to the people.

But if you and your colleagues have the time, I would highly reccomend coming along on the great british walkabout, letting go of all the trappings of power and wealth, putting your backpack on, and experiencing the country directly, by walking and camping, rather than trying to sort problems from a warm office and flying around by private jet.

Imagine you and me, leading a group of british citizens, helping them directly, learning, guiding, supporting, teaching… I think you’d be great, and it would also be great exercise for us, which as everyone knows is good for your health – that should take a little pressure off the beleagured NHS!

You’ll also be pleased to know that due to the slow nature of walking, we wil have time for some serious analysis, covering such topics as

  1. The National Social Temperature
  2. The Environment and how business can work with local stakeholders to protect it whilst maintaining peaceful prosperity
  3. Animal welfare
  4. Local food security
  5. Local manufacturing
  6. Energy resilience through solar cooking and demanding less.
  7. Dismantling Social housing, welfare, and developing resilience in low income areas
  8. Violence eradication through teaching people to understand why they think the way they do and to transcend the violent mind
  9. Urban analysis
  10. Social deprivation
  11. Transportation and why people need cars
  12. Wind powered distribution via sailing vessels
  13. Education of people to desire more than money, housing, status, and power
  14. How we can help humans evolve
  15. How creating sanctuaries where people can camp free of fear of eviction and fear of violence can assist with housing problems
  16. Teaching humans to question what it means to be human
  17. A celebration of everything good in this beautiful land of ours – the people, the landscape, the wldlife

As a practial philosopher, everything, and everyone is important, and no topic will be off limits.

Finally we will issue you with a ‘State of the nation’ report based on our findings.

I hope all this will be helpful.


Alan Macmillan Orr

ps if you’d like to come along on part of the walk or the whole walk, you are more than welcome!

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