Hi everyone, well, it’s not long to go until the start of the great british walkabout! 11 days to be exact!

Am I prepared?

In a word – no!

I haven’t got my marketing materials ready, nor a bank account for donations, nor my winter sleeping bag, nor my dog Hari’s equipment – although he is definitely more prepared than I am!

I am leaving for John O Groats in Scotland on the 10th and plan to start this epic walk on the 13th! I hope I have enough time!

I also have very little money and no sponsors as yet, and most people would say that it is a dommed enterprise from the start – especially my dad, who, although correct when he says that every endeavour needs proper funding, obviously doesn’t realise the importance I place on this project, and how committed I am, knowing that if I start, I am more likely to succeed!

A friend also said to me that I should be concentrating on getting a job ad a place to live and contributing to society instead of swanning off on (yet another) walk, but if I didn’t think that everything I was doing was contributing to human society, I would quit in an instant and just live out the rest of my life conforming, keeping my head down, paying my taxes, buying a house, having children, and looking forward to 2 holidays a year in the sun!

But I am not there yet. Thankfully!

I’m not quite sure if I quite comprehend the enormity of these projects, and the aims, given that they seem to contradict nearly every other similar projects –

Are they destined to fail?

Am I destined to be a complete failure?

I hope not. There again, hope is a misplaced idea that everythng will be ok, even if Idon’t put the work in to ensure it’s success.

The work will make it a success, and if it doesn’t either I am not working hard enough, I don’t have the right skills, and need more education, or I am not adequately resourced.

But although I will start alone, I plan to build a team around the work.

Am I scared? Heck yes! I’m petrified! But once I get going I know that I will go from strength to strength, as long as I look after my body, and mind, eat well, stay warm, and look after my friend Hari, the labrador, and make sure he’s ok at all times.

He is a very competent long distance walker, and is happy to do 20 miles every day, as long as he can potter along at his own pace, off the lead, and can sniff everywere and wee on everything – ahh the simple things… as well as a good supply of doggie treats, middday snacks and 2 square meals a day. He also has a nice warm sleeping mat, blanket and a sleeping bag!

I’ve been told he might need doggie boots for the snow if it’s heavy, but as I am still walking in socks and sandals I reckon he is probably in a better position than me!

I also have technical things to organise like the walk tracker, and how I am going to run the radio show every day whilst on the move, but I have 11 days! I’m sure I’ll get it sorted!

Am I fully prepared? No!

Am I ready? Heck yes! I’ve never been more ready in my life…Bring it on!

My decision to not promote the great british walkabout on facebook, tiktok, instagram, youtube etc, has concerned many people who think that the project will not get the exposure that it deserves, but the aim of the project is to make a difference to many people’s lives, and how many likes we get will not help that.

I do plan to engage the mainstream media, and the more successes we have, the more media exposure we will get, the more sponsorship, the more donations – but first I have to start!

If you would like to make a donation through justgiving it would be much appreciated and all funds go to the project.

see you on the road ..


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