I think it’s fair to say that when people decide to fight each other they don’t consider the consequences of their actions, and certainly don’t care about affecting others with their actions.

Whether it is drunk men fighting in a bar, a group of thugs attacking someone on the street, a country bombing another, or someone murdering another for jealousy, love, or money, or gangs fighting eah other over territory, the fact remains that if anyone gets in their way they are going to get hurt.

They are so blinded by whatever is causing them to want to inflict pain and suffering on others, that they do not care about any one else they hurt.

A simple example…

On Monday, I flew down to Portugal with ryanair on an early morning flight, so that I could complete the sale of Ariana so I could raise money to pay people back and have enough money to begin the next project…

But, there was a young girl on board, seated behind me, who was experiencing severe emotional, psychologiical difficulties, who started out with a panic attack, screaming and sobbing, and then, was attacking, and threatening to stab her travel companions, who to be honest were not helping the situation, …until finally our plane was diverted to bordeaux where she was removed by police !

All the passengers were pleased that this violent, disruptive passenger was removed so they could continue their journey to their holiday, but I wasn’t happy..

Something caused her to behave that way, and she had no thoughts of the consequences her actions were having on others.. or the consequences that being arrested in France and probably charged with endangering an aircraft, with a possible prison sentence would have on her…

But as I looked in her eyes I could see no love, only anger, and that saddened me…

I imagined her upbringing was not happy, but yet no one had intervened until the fateful moment on the plane where it as the police who intervened.

Why had no one intervened to help her before ?

Why had her traveling companions with which she exchanged words like ‘spiteful cunt’ and ‘i’ll stab you all’ not tried to help her? Why had no one had the awareness to help a very troubled girl , who was probably more afraid than aggressive?

What caused her to behave in that manner?

It is a question that neither the passengers, crew, or police wil ask, but in my mind she needs help…will no one help her?

No they wouldn’t, she was a danger to the aircraft.


During the episode, she had no appearance of thinking about the other passengers, the stewardesses who were trying to calm her down, or the fact that she was in a jet fuelled tube travelling at 500 mph, at 36,000 feet.

She had zero awareness of anything else than what she was experiencing.

But the consequences were numerous.

  1. I missed my connecting bus which I had already paid for and had to fork out 105 euros in a taxi!
  2. She spoiled her holiday and that of her travelling companions.
  3. She created a lot of stress for the crew on board the aircraft.
  4. She caused the french police to have to intervene causing them trouble.
  5. The airline incurred extra costs due to being diverted.
  6. She caused fear amongst the other passengers.
  7. She caused other people travelling to have to rearrange travel due to the aircraft being late.
  8. She will probably face a court hearing, and will receive a fine, or jail time for endangering an aircraft…

All of those things, because something in her brain was misfiring…

But what is to become of her?

She was only 16, and had probably experienced trauma of some kind in her life to cause her to behave in that manner.

Do you think it’s going to get any better? Or do you think her life will be filled with pain and suffering, taken out on herself and others?

It’s hard to tell, but I’d say things are not going to go well for her, and she’ll probably be alive for a long time to come.

If only there had been a human intervention service, that stopped these problems dead in their tracks.

But governments, social services, psychologists, and care homes, and the police are certainly not going to solve it for her.

That is why as part of the we are advocating a Human Intervention Service, which involves all people being constantly assessed for emotional, physical, and psychological stability, before these problems arise….

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone..including the leaders, and gangs, and terrorists, and extremists wage violence upon everyone …

Watch this space.

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