You often hear talk of meeting ‘the girl of your dreams’, but what does it really mean?

Does it mean that you are going to meet a girl you have dreamed about and fall madly in love? I have no idea as I don’t really understand ‘dreams’ despite having read a lot on the subject… I don’t think anyone else really does either!

How about constantly dreaming of a girl you had already fallen in love with, married, left, and then divorced, and hadn’t seen for 16 years, that’s a bit strange don’t you think?

Perhaps it is due to unresolved feelings but nonetheless it is a bit disconcerting, and begins to feel like dream haunting!

Cue Last Night…

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been under a ridiculous amount of stress over the last year, and have to endure poverty, homelessness, and hoplessness and loneliness…

All things I’ve never experienced before… So as usual, I drank an adequate amount of beer to help me fall asleep and turned in at 8.30pm!

I’m currently back on Ariana, in the boatyard, waiting for the man who has bought (almost) the boat, which will allow me to repay my debts and move on from this very stressful situation…

As usual I woke up at 2am with a start, completely wide awake, and wondering what to do!

I decided to watch some comedy in the form of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. In this season, LArry is offered a tenth anniversary ‘present’ from his wife Cheryl, where he can have sex, one time, with someone else…

As I was mid season I drifted off into dreamland, where I was met by my ex wife Tania, who I split up with in 2006, and haven’t seen since 2010.

I used to dream of her a lot in the early days, but she hasn’t popped up in my dreams for many years…

Suddenly, she was sitting there next to me, offering me one time sex, telling me that she wasn’t going to fly back from Australia to see me again, as she had met someone else and was getting married.

It was so vivid, so colourful, I could smell her perfume, hold and kiss her like I used to.

I have no idea where the location of the dream śet´was, but it was very well constructed.

She looked exactly the same as she had the day we met in January 2000, with her black hair flowing in the breeze, a scarf around her neck, a little tank top, jeans and a pair of flipflops…

I don´t think we talked a lot in the dream, she just kept reiterating that we could have sex one last time…and that was it!

But suddenly I was in a building far away, and people were guarding the exits and I couldn´t get out…everywhere I went in the dream, on the metro, across bridges, there were people threatening me and standing in my way…

This seemed to go on for days, me desperate to find her so we could have sex one last time, after all, she had travelled a long way! But to no avail…

I never found her again,and woke up about 9am, thinking I should get on a plane and go and see her, but then I realised it was just a dream, and if I turned up in Australia to take her up on her offer I wouldn’t be very welcome, after abandoning her all those years ago…

So what did it all mean?

I have no idea, but I think Larry David is to blame!

Nevertheless, it was nice to see her again, even if it was only in my dreams…

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