First we have to try to understand what the universe is…

And unlike most scientists I have to say that I have no idea what the universe is,

I don’t understand what this planet is, or what an orbit is, or what gravity is, and I certainly don’t understand what the space around it is, especially when scientists tell me that it there was a big bang and out of nothing came al this.

It all sounds a bit too much like the god example peddled by the religions of the world…

First there was nothing, then god created it…


Here we are.

On a planet. In Space. Spinning. Orbiting. Moving.

And most people are worried about getting a job and having a family.

It’s ridiculous isn’t it?

But most people don’t question it.

Like, how big is the universe? Where is the universe? What is the universe? We worry about things like how pretty am I? WHat is the latest fashion? Do my boobs look good in this? How does my hair look?

We are worried about not feeing comfortable in our own bodies and need sex changes!

Oooh I’m LGBGTQ…

I’m up for a promotion, I’m getting married soon, I’ve just bought a new car, I need to go to rehab, I want a penis enlargement,

Do you have the latest iPhone?

Do you want to see a dick pic?

Do you like the size of my lips?

I need more cloud space.


Where are we…?

Who cares! says you

If the universe is expanding, is there an edge to it, and if so, what is beyond the edge_?

If everything is space around us, and there is an edge to space is it just more space at the edge?

And while weŕe at it, what is space?

And why is space_?

Thatś more important isn´t it?

Why does earth exist, why does sace exist, what is the purpose of space…and if it all came out of nothing where is it exactly_?

We know, thanks to GPS, our exact location down to the nearest metre, but in universal terms wwhat is our GPS location, and in relation to what?

But I have a nice house, a mortgage, george has a god job, we have two lovely daughters and we hope they go to university…


What difference does it make if they go to university ? Will the universe, even if e understood it, care that they got a first in ancient history or marketing?


Anyone know what size the universe is?

Is it getting bigger or smaller?

Is it finite or infinite?

And if it is infinite, where is it expanding into? If the space where the universe is expanding into already exists maybe it is part of a finite universe?

But again, where is it ? Why is it? What is it?

What is its nature?

No wonder you are all putting the whole thong down to god !!

But where is god? Where do they exist? Where the fuck are we?

Apparently we are travelling at about 60,000 miles an hour around the sun which is quite fast!

And does anyone know why the sun exists?

Isn’t a bit strange that there are perfect conditions for life to exist on this planet?

Have you got the answer to all this, because I know I haven’t…

I don’t even know how my body works, let alone how my brain works, or why I like a beer, or sex, or get jealous, or want a porsche or a better job…


If youŕe like me, you will accept that you haven´t got a fucing clue what a universe is, or what gravity is, or why the sun exists, or how we think, or how we process pee, or how Iḿ typing this and how my fingers move, and why I am getting stressed writing this and want another beer…

So asking a question like is there anything beyond the universe suddenly becomes a bit of a stupid question!

But ask it we must.

One thing I do know is the size of my walnut (brain) but I do not know the size of my mind-consciousness, whatever that is…

I know that it is limitless and that begs the question what size is it really? Can it be measured?

Is there a measure of the mind?

Could it be like the universe where the physical size is finite, but within its confines it is limitless?

I don´t know. But shouldnt we be examining this, as a species, rather than accumulating more riches, killing people who don´t agree wth us, having sex with strangers, going to university, buying cars, advertising soap powders, being jealous when our partners go off with others, etc etc…

Ultimately, the shape, size, or nature of the universe is unimportant until we start to uncover who we are under all these fashionable clothes, and perfumes,

The universe can wait.

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