We live in a dangerous world, don’t we ?

No matter what country you live in, you live in fear of being raped, robbed, or murdered.

But it isn’t the world that is dangerous, even though there are countless tornados, earthquakes, land slides, and storms.

It isn’t even the sharks, or lions, or bears that we need to be afraid of – it’s each other.

It’s sad but the most dangerous thing facing humans, is other humans.

No matter where we go, we have no idea of the intentions of other humans. We do not know if they are going to help us or kill us!

That’s quite disturbing isn’t it?

We cannot trust people from our own species to do right by us!

We imagine that cities must be the worst places, but people are murdered in natural environments too.

So wwht is a safe spacce for us? Where can we go where we can guarantee that we can live a peaceful life with freedom from fear? Anywhere?

Is morocco, saudi arabia, or rwanda, a safe space? How about the USA, or Russia, or Thailand, or Australia, or France, or the UK?

How about the cook islands, new zealand, or tonga?

How about iceland, sweden, or finland?

The sorry fact is, no matter where you go, whether it be afghanistan, iraq, or italy, you cannot be guaranteed a safe space to liv your life in peace, free of fear of violence from other humans.

Doesn’t that sadden you? Not if youre the perpetrator of the violence probably. For you, violence is a way of life, a way of thinking, and you have no empathy with other humans.

You are violent to achieve your goals, and nothing will get in the way of that will it?

People try to escape violence every day, and put themselves at great risk doing it, imcluding people who pay people smugglers all of their savings to get them to a ‘safe’ country, more often than not in unsafe rubber dinghys, overloaded with desparate people.

How sad is this, ladies and gentlemen?

How sad that the most intelligent species on the planet is running in fear from other humans, intent on murder and rape?

We bomb, we maim, we hack, we slash, we shoot…

But where does this violence originate?

In the human mind, the walnut, a space of less than the size of a melon!

What difference between a melon and the human mind, you may ask?

A melon does not make connections that end in violence is the answer.

So, where is a safe space? Is a women’s refuge a safe space form male violence? Temporarily, yes. Is a retret a safe space from violence. Temporarily, yes.

The problem is there is no escape from the human mind which creates such violence, no matter where you go on earth.

So although it seems like a good idea to seet up a sanctuary to protect people from violence, as I would like to do, there is nothing to stop armed groups invading these safe spaces and raping or murdering, or kidnappng anyone who resides there.

The only way you can guarantee a safe space is to protect it with armed soldiers, surface to air missiles, electric fences, land mines…

If you aren´t saddened by this, then you shoudl read the article again.

And if it still hasn´t saddened you, then perhaps you are part of the problem.

In my opinion, the only safe space for humans is – space.

Maybe those amongst us whio would like to live in peace and harmony should leave the earth and head to pace, or there agan, maybe we shuld exile those who wish us harm to space.

The choice is yours.

Chinese (Simplified)