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My Mum, Teresa McCole was a compassionate woman who lived between 23 October 1932 and 26th January 2018.

She helped everyone she could, with whatever she had, never asking for anything in return.

She grew up in poverty, one of five children in the Gorbals in glasgow, before being evacuated to the Isle of Bute during the second world war.

She worked for the Red Cross in Marlow on Thames for 25 years providing compassionate care for elderly people in the local hospital, amd even met Diana, princess of wales there, but when it came to mum’s turn to be desperately ill with facial cancer and alzheimers, there was no one there for her.

She lived alone, had no friends to speak of, no neighbours who visited, and a son who was off travelling the globe 10 months of the year.

Fortunately, she still had a little money left, and managed to keep going, even though she couldn’t remember how to cook for herself, was incontinent, and couldn’t remember to pay her bills, something she never have done.

I discovered there was something wrong in 2015, when I came back from travelling and writing, and discovered she had crashed her car, something she denied.

I knew there was something wrong.

Soon there was a letter from the police intending to prosecute her for dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident etc…and that followed by letters from the council threatening to send in the bailiffs due to non payment of council tax, and then letters from the electricity and gas companies..

Of course they wouldn’t speak to me, as i wasn’t the bill payer, despite my pleadings that she had alzheimers and cancer.

I contacted the council but they weren’t much help, and any ‘visits’ failed to address to the core problems.

so i was left alone to manage someone desperately ill, but denying it.

she had urine infection after urine infection, and was seen by the doctor, who ket prescribing antibiotics, until one evening, i dscovered my mum couldn’t sit up properly and was constantly shivering… 6 hours later she was in hospital with sepsis… and 4 weeks later she arrived home, a different person, with full blown dementia.

This was followed by 3 years of chaos, as mum was a very angry patient, refusing treatment for cancer, refusing to sign power of attorney etc ,.and causing me a great deal of mental stress…

Finally, I couldnt cope any more and put her into a council home,Aubrey Ward in Marlow so she would get looked after properly, but two months later she was dead.

I had to intervene on several occasions, where she needed hospitalised, namely being dehydrated and on the last occasion where the staff were spoon feeding her,saying she was just tired, when in fact she had had a stroke,

I fought with them to call an ambulance, and told them they were killing my mum , and eventually we got an ambulance… 2 weeks later she was dead …


Mum ‘s story isn’t unique. there are thousands of people throughout the uk and millions throuout the world in the same position.

People who have worked their whole life, paid their taxes and national insurance, and when they get old and sick, just get left to rot.

The powers that be might say there is a lack of funding, but compassion doesn”t ned money. Unfortunatley we don’t live in a compassionate socety, we live in a self obsessed society, fuelled by greed from the top down .


There are people suffering the world over, and as part of The Ariana Project’s ‘no one left behind’ philosophy, it is essential that there are safe, compassionate spaces, available for all, no matter how much money people have.

Whether people are homeless due to addiction, abuse, violence, illness, loneliness, etc.. or need a space temporarily due to fear, war, persecution, police harassment, government officials or even poverty and debt collectors…

They need a safe space.

It is the intention of the Ariana Project to provide these safe spaces, worldwide. Starting right now … contact us to discuss your space availability.

your contibution

It is not the intention of the project to beg for money, but there is a huge amount of land available everywere. Religious groups have plenty of land, as do local councils, and people with spare green spaces.

We do not wish to build permanent buildings..tents are perfectly acceptable, we just need to create safe spaces for people.where they can relax and enjoy life together, and look after each other..

What the Ariana project is looking for is patches of land that can support people in need, young,old, ill, abused…

Give a piece of land, and let us name it ‘Teresas’s Sanctuary’ so people know that it is a safe space to lay their head…

It can be a piece of grass in your front lawn or a field that normally houses a thousand animals..

just place the logo in front of the space ….simple

then people will know it is a safe space …


if you would like to help expand Teresa’s sanctuaries all donations are welcome …thank you..

they will be used to buy safe pieces of land and also look after people who need looking after, and can help look after each other.


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