The Ariana Project – The EVERYTHING project

Everything is Important .Everyone is Important. No one left behind.

From Global Supply Chains, to Mental and Physical Resilience, Solar Cooking, Sail Trading, Long Distance Walking, Remixing Homes and Homelessness, Educating people to understand why they think the way they do, feeding everyone for free, providing sanctuaries worldwide, analysing the root causes of human behaviour, including war and violencce, teaching people about purpose,or showing why escaping to the sea is the best meditation , intervening where necessary, and helpin older people live life with dignity,creating new ideas, the Ariana project will be there, for you.

sound crazy?

Well governments promise a lot and fail to deliver, but we are committed to delivering on our promises.

sound familiar?

Of course it does! Every government promises that they will deliver you a better life ! And when they fail to deliver they disappear quietly and go into writing their memoirs, giving after dinner speeches, sitting on boards, and doing a fair amount of consulting work, earning a lot of money in the process… even though they have failed the people who paid for them to not deliver on promises they made when they were elected!

I hope we are different! We’re just starting out as a full blown global project, with only the founder, Alan Macmillan Orr, as the sole volunteer, but good things take time, as they say!

In fact Alan has been working on this project for nearly 20 years, trying to undertand enough about himself, and the world to be able to make a big difference.


The Ariana Project is dedicated to working for the benefit of all, to educate, to inspire, to challenge, to create, to listen, and to help anyone in need.

The Ariana Project is a global project with a broad remit, which goes far beyond the realms of a registered charity hence we will not be registered with any government agency as we do not want to be limited in our activities to a narrow spectrum.

Contrary to what you may think, Alan and The Ariana Project are not “anti government” and indeed share many of the same goals, but at a level not attainable by an organisation who has to please everybody and constantly make policy decisions in order that they are re elected every 4 years.

The Ariana Project recognises that short term ambitions can never work, but fortunately we don’t have to please shareholders or voters so we are in it for the long haul. It has taken thousands of years to get to where we are now, and won’t be fixed in the term of one parliament!

It is also worth noting that if governments were the solution to the constant turmoil humanity is in, there would be no need for the ariana project!

It does not make the project any less charitable however, as the founding principles are that everything is important, and everyone is important. Above all, the principle of “no one left behind” applies at all times.

Many people have commented that in order to make a difference you must focus on one area,or one community, but it is the project’s belief that nothing exists in isolation and everything is in relationship, hence we must look at the whole, and by analysing root causes, define a better way forward for all, whilst helping make the world a better place, one thought, one person, and one day at a time.


Statement by Alan Macmillan Orr, creator of The Ariana Project

The Ariana Project is a complex series of big ideas, analysis, philosophy, solutions, challenges, all interconnected via the common thread of helping humanityunderstand why they they think the way they do, and help each individual create a more peaceful, evolved, state of mind, for the benefit of themselves, their fellow humans, the other species we share the planet with, and our home – earth.

I believe in a threefold approach to this –

By helping people develop emotional, psychological and physical resilience.

By helping people understand compassion and how to show it.

By helping humans personally evolve.

Through the use of practical philosophy, we will explore all three by focussing on the basic human needs of food, shelter, and clothing and how understanding our relationship to them can have a meaningful impact on our lives, and create a more evolved species.

First man needs to learn to stand alone, and I shall be that man. Will you stand?

Alan Macmillan Orr 03/10/2023

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